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eTransact has been providing businesses in all industries with dependable payment technology and credit card processing savings for 15+ years. Our core business values are simple, we serve our clients with the highest level of responsive care and minimize credit card processing & eCommerce costs.  24/7 engaged client care, and an annual cost-benefit analysis. We have disrupted the online ordering business with eTab. Giving businesses fair pricing with delivery by DoorDash nationwide all at a 3.5% cost per order. That’s almost 10 times less fees! eTransact’s One Rate is lower pricing than Square with faster sign up and a free smart point of sale. At 2.49% for all cards including American Express why pay more! We also offer multiple POS and Terminal options to fit any business needs. 

Low Cost Credit Card Processing Since 2006
Our customers value fair prices, transparency, and customer support. Our goal is to be the number one disruptor of the payments industry while also becoming a partner in our client’s prosperity.
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Personalized Solutions & 24/7 Customer Support
We take pride in the level of customer service and cost/benefit savings that we provide. We’re committed to being available whenever your business needs us as well as continuous merchant processing savings and solutions.

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