Not Another Tablet, eTab Is Your Own Branded Order & Delivery Technology!

eTab Now with DoorDash Delivery! Customers order direct through your website!

  • Online orders simplified – less fees and YOUR branding :
    • White labeled technology – our TEAM does the design and implementation
    • (DoorDash) delivery, takeout, curbside and catering orders
    • Direct – payment and platform pricing: 3.5% flat fee for all orders
    • eTab links to your website, mobile apps, social media and more
    • Easily add promos and discounts – marketing tools built in

  • Keep more PROFIT per order – less FEES for customers :
    • Others charge $9.00 in fees for a $30 order – eTab will cost you $1.05
    • Orders delivered by DoorDash (0% and $1-$2 cost per DD delivery)
    • Sell $10K mo. in online orders? eTab’s fees are $480 vs. $3,000 on apps
    • $0 set up fees and no contracts – faster funding in 48hrs or less
    • One dashboard for all orders – 24/7 technical support

  • eTab DISRUPTS the high fee alternatives in the market :

    Our ordering and payment technology comes direct from us (no middleman). So you keep more profit and pay less fees. eTab facilitates orders and delivery just like the delivery apps. All your branding and you own the data. Our strategic partnership with DoorDash ensures fast, on-demand delivery. Real-time ordering and management + 24/7 support – what are you waiting for? Lower enterprise pricing is available!  

  • Dine-in

    We provide a QR for customers to scan, order & pay on their phone at your table. Order tickets print to your kitchen and POS printer. Can also be used as self ordering Kiosk. Great for low staff issues!

  • Curbside

    Provide your customers safety and convenience. eTab collects name & vehicle details like model & color for simple curbside ordering.

  • Carryout

    Take orders from anywhere. Online, mobile and social media. We ensure ordering via eTab is easy and available everywhere your customers are.

  • Delivery

    DoorDash delivery or in-house delivery. 3.5% flat fee per order, delivery cost negotiated by you (typically $1-$3 cost for DoorDash only). Enterprise pricing available for multi-location clients.

eTab On Demand eCommerce order and delivery technology

What Does eTab Cost?

Less fees so you keep more profit per online order
$49 / Mo. SaaS Fee
Branded Online Order & Delivery Platform. Done For You Design, Deployment and On Going Service and Support!
  • All orders - 3.5% + no transaction fees. Simple, predictive pricing.
  • Sales are funded to your bank within 48 hours. Or less (no more 1-2 week wait)
  • Optional: +$16.00/mo. QR Scan, Order & Pay - At Table, Self Order Kiosk & More. Great for low staff!
`` ETransact's Etab product has been amazing. Along with the POS solution for our restaurant. They literally cut 80% of our cost for 3rd party delivery apps. We really appreciate the amazing service and love that we can always call and speak to someone to address questions. All restaurants need this Etab service for online ordering from ETransact it really makes a big difference. Best card payments company we have ever used.``
Indira Mahesh-Kumar

Sitara India Restaurant


Who is eTab for?

Ordering, Delivery, eCommerce

eTab is a on-demand eCommerce order & delivery platform for restaurants, retailers, ghost kitchens, virtual food concepts, gift shops, convenience stores, markets and clothing stores + more. Our platform gives businesses the technology to deliver an on-demand ordering experience with DoorDash delivery included. Almost every business can benefit from the eTab order and delivery platform. On-demand, frictionless experience is what customers want and eTab delivers exactly that. The industries lowest pricing so you make more profit!


How does eTab Work?

Modern eCommerce ordering

eTab is the done for you order & delivery platform with amazing ongoing responsive support. No contracts and the lowest fees available anywhere. eTab was purpose built with your profitability in mind. Our fee structure is the industry’s lowest – we encourage you to compare! High-end design with the look and feel of delivery apps. Fast onboarding and deployment in days. Your orders print to your kitchen and POS – no need for a tablet. Text or email notifications on orders + much more.


Why Online Ordering?

Quick Setup & Easy Integration

With the massive success of delivery apps this “concept” is here to stay. We have innovated and disrupted the on demand order and delivery industry and packaged it in eTab. With 18+ years in payment space we know how to deploy competitive solutions. eTab gives you the highest quality white label order & delivery platform. Lower SaaS fees and lower payment processing fees than any other solution. Businesses needed a better solution than delivery apps and eTab is it. Shop around you’ll see why eTab is disruptive.

Why choose eTab
order & delivery software?

Less fees & keeping more profits + eTab links to any website, app, social media & Google etc.

  • Automate Order Revenue
    Less Fees = More Profit

    OnDemand online and mobile ordering is a must. With eTab we make this easy and don’t overcharge you with fees. Customers can order from anywhere and still have delivery.

  • Your Profit Matters
    Keep $8+ Profit On Avg Orders

    With eTransact, your business will save a lot of money previously lost to high fees. Just think of the impact of keeping $8 extra on every $30 order. Wow!!! It will be a reality with eTab.

  • Accepts All Order Types
    A Low 3.5% Flat Fee

    eTab accepts takeout, curbside, catering & delivery orders. Delivery is done by DoorDash or can be done inhouse it’s your choice. eTab also has QR order tech built in for at table ordering.

  • Customers Prefer Direct
    No price markup required

    Your customers want to order from you! Only problem, you don’t have the technology. eTab is the missing link, no high fees, no need to mark up prices. Everyone wins with eTab.